I tell stories for fun and for a living.

For Fun...

Here, a mix of fiction and non-fiction published in anthologies and magazines.

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Fiction: Coming home

You step out and walk briskly to the bus that will take you across to Obalende. As it speeds off, you stare out the window at the bridge snaking overhead. You remember the stories your mom told of a time when that bridge—the Third Mainland Bridge—and not the underwater train was the major link between the Mainland and the Island...


Fiction: When I was writing my bones

I’m sitting on the cold floor of a hotel room in a strange town, crying. I’ve finally figured out why I came here. It wasn’t for solitude, as I had convinced myself and told my sisters when I left Lagos; it was because I was running from the loneliness. Except that it is here too, digging its claws into me so deep at the moment that there’s nothing I can do but cry…

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Essay: What Can A woman do?                      

I was 13 when I first picked up Efuru. I loved this novel because, at a time when I often found myself tongue tied and unsure of myself, she was what I wanted to be—self-assured and stubborn enough to stand her ground when it came to making decisions that were not necessarily understood by others but for which she was ready to die, literally. 

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Article: Women Are Driving the New Wave of Film in Nigeria

It is the mid-nineties. I am sitting in the living room of my parents’ house with my siblings and some of the neighbors’ kids. We have just finished watching a movie, and one of us is trying to coax the videocassette out of the cassette player so that we can watch another. 


For A Living…

I refine and communicate clients’ ideas through my work as a Writer and Editor. The scope of my work includes Communication Strategy Development; Ghost Writing; Copy Writing; Developmental and Copy Editing; and Content Creation for brands. I have 8 years' professional experience across segments, including publishing and the public sector.


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